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Threshold | For the Torchbearers

    Learn the secrets for healing your inner adaptive child and wounded maiden so that you can experience the self expression, intimacy, and bliss you crave. Learn the magic of how the womb is a portal for healing, pleasure, and embodiment. Step across the THRESHOLD from survival to thriving. Your history doesn't define your legacy.

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    Embodied Womb | FREE Guide

      This free guidebook goes over basic anatomy, and techniques to de-armor your yoni and introduces you to the practice of hands-on womb and bodywork. A beautiful pre-cursor to the WombTerrain Immersive Experience, this guidebook is over 40+ pages and gives you what you need to confidently begin your own personal practice at home, with your breath, your presence, and your touch.

      Sexual Belonging

        Your Body. Your Power. Your Pleasure. You belong to YOU. One of the first steps to reclaiming our sexuality as our own is through reclaiming the body as GOOD. I was estranged from my body for most of my life in ways I didn't recognize as estrangement. I created this FREE E-Book to help guide you back into reclaiming your sexuality, body, power, and pleasure.

        Free Mini Money & Abundance Resource Library

          A quick reference of various resources I've come across, collected, and been given by my mentors on everything related to money.

          Frequency of The Womb: Womb and Healy Guidebook

            Written by Samantha & Amanda, our beautiful guidebook, Frequency Of The Womb is a resource of Healy programs and ways to implement them into your womb led lifestyle, or in your womb work with clients. Feel free to share this guidebook with your clients and community. This guidebook is intended for Healy owners only. If you don't own a Healy please download "Embodied Womb Guide" Amanda's guide for Womb Work.

            The Sacred Medicine of The 5 Biological Laws

              2 hour webinar on the 5 Biological Laws associated with German New Medicine, otherwise known as "La Medicina Sagrada" or, the Sacred Medicine. Discover the root of disease, including cancer, and learn why Amanda is so confident in her ability to heal through her symptoms of "Stage IV Invasive Inflammatory Breast Cancer." Includes bonus audio recording.

              Cultivating Embodied Safety

                This FREE mini course was designed to help you re-orient back to your body, and to help you cultivate deeper embodied safety within you, while reconnecting you to your inner wisdom. Find practices and guidance to reconnect you to your inner wisdom: for both men and women.

                Find Your Bliss

                  5 Simple Ways to Embody Bliss In The Midst of Busyness, Pain and Healing. There are two audio meditations included that can be experienced along with the written material. You can close your eyes and allow my voice to guide you and drift into bliss. (This was my first E-Book EVER back in 2018/2019! {so it's also a little dated} But I still get excited whenever it lands in someones hands!)

                  The Honeypot

                    A collection of spoken word, poetry, meditations, podcasts, E-Books and more...from my honeypot to yours.

                    MAGNANIMOUS: The Workshop

                      A 90 minute experiential workshop with Amanda Rose and guest teacher Shelly Davis. What is Eden Energy Medicine? What do we mean when we say "energy"? What are meridians? What is lymph? What is "magnanimity"? Bonus Practice: Pain Siphoning Grounding Practice Energy Clearing Practice Breast Energy Medicine Practice Lymph Energy Medicine Practice Meditation/Visualization for Breast Acceptance

                      Your Genesis Is From Light Guided Visualization

                        Guided visualization and meditation that brings you back to your genesis: your very own zinc spark. Know yourself as light at the core of who you are, when you were just a spark in the primordial darkness of the womb.

                        Embodied Microdosing | FREE Guide

                          Approaching microdosing from the path of embodiment.

                          What they're saying about Amanda...

                          Morgan Day Cecil, Creator of the Feminine Wholeness Method ™️

                          Amanda is a woman who has fiercely chosen her own wholeness and sovereignty and is now a knowing guide for others on the path. She will mirror for you self-love, compassion, beauty and resilience. 

                          Olivia Seline, Somatic Trauma Healer & Podcast Hostess


                          If you feel called to step into a conversation or depth container with Amanda, trust that feeling and do it. Seriously. Amanda truly is a modern-day medicine woman and one of the wisest women I know. Getting to work alongside her & experience her brilliance firsthand - I can tell you that her presence itself is a healing balm for the soul that you didn’t even know you needed. She truly embodies her teachings in her every day life and her integrity is next level. Amanda has such a gift in melting her warmth and her fierceness together as she holds potent space for and guides her clients through deep transformation in the most beautiful, empowering way. In my eyes, she  is definitely someone you want walking alongside you on your path to remembrance. 

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                          Embodied Woman Virtual Summit | Winter 2022 | Replay Complete Collection

                            Entire Collection of Replays from The Embodied Woman Virtual Summit | Winter 2022

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                            Wombspace: The 13 Month Membership | Online Portal

                              The world today calls for you to be fully self expressed, to follow your heart and own your calling like a modern day Joan of Arc. Feminine power and softness both are being called upon more than ever in the world we're in today, and a connection to your deep inner knowing and wisdom.

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                              Amrita II

                                Rivers of living water in a whole new way: release the healing Amrita of your yoni. Sacred sensual and sexual healing for the spiritual woman. So many of you loved the 4 Week Group Program I ran in the spring of 2022, that I have decided to bring it back again in 2023. This time, an 8 week container that includes both live group calls, and pre-recorded materials along with the beloved intimate Q&A's.

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                                Stripped: The Retreat | Spring 2023

                                  Centering the womb, unleashing your embodied expression, and stripping it back to your primal feminine. Get naked with your soul. A women's healing retreat in Florida, USA.

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                                  Unveiled: Elite Private 1:1 Mentorship

                                    Elite Private 1:1 Mentorship with Amanda Arlene Rose NOW ENROLLING! Those on the waitlist have priority access. Open enrollment coming soon.

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                                    Somatic Cosmology: Return to 13 & True Sky Astrology

                                      Returning to the ancient blueprint of 13 sign astrology, the feminine orientation to time and the cosmos. The cervix, the cosmos, the dark feminine...all this and more in this live class.

                                      Why The Womb

                                      Hello darling, I'm

                                      Amanda Rose

                                      Feminine Embodiment Mentor & Womb Holder

                                      I create energetically charged spaces that
                                      usher women towards a deeper state of connection
                                      to their sexuality and wombspace, while eradicating
                                      generational shame and trauma from the body,
                                      soul, and spirit. Helping women forge a new
                                      and radical legacy for their bloodline.
                                      I am here for the wild ones.

                                      Let's birth a new legacy together.
                                      From AN EMBODIED WOMB.